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PAGE 2020 Highlights


Supporting a Green Economic Recovery

As the global effects of COVID-19 unfolded in 2020, PAGE worked quickly to assess and adapt to the needs of our Partner Countries in order to support green economic recovery efforts. 


These coordinated initiatives have led to targeted green recovery programming starting in January 2021. 


Timeline: PAGE & Green Recovery



2020 Highlights Overview


Policy Development: Advancing Green Economy 

The policies and initiatives developed by PAGE partner countries - including strategies, action plans, and coordinating boards - guide their respective journeys to build inclusive green economies.


- Mauritius: National Program 2020-2024, Towards an Inclusive, High Income and Green Mauritius, Forging Ahead Together 


- Senegal: National Platform for Green Economy


- Burkina Faso: National Green Economy Strategy Action Plan 


- Kyrgyz Republic: Program for the Development of Green Economy and Coordination Commission on Green Economy and Climate Change   


- Mato Grosso:  Strategic Plan for the Development of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Management Plan for the Historic Center of Cuiabá


- Argentina: Green Job and Just Transition, and Sustainable Production Board


- Indonesia: Low Carbon Development Initiative Phase 2 and National Medium-Term Development Plan 2020-2024



Foundations for Green Transitions

PAGE-supported studies contribute to building knowledge on green economy and inform future policy developments within partner countries. 


- Ghana: National Study on skills for Green Jobs


- Burkina Faso: Study on the Impact of Artisanal Gold Mining on Sustainable Agriculture


- Senegal: Rapid Assessment of Waste Management and Collector's Cooperatives


South Africa:  Green Economy Progress (GEP) Measurement Framework  and Feasibility Study for Biomaterials 


- Jiangsu Province: 2015-2017 Green Economy Progress Measurement Report


Kyrgyz Republic:  Investment opportunities for the development of a green economy 


- Mato Grosso:  Tool to Assess Opportunities for Generating Employment and Income in Specific Economic Sectors, Diagnostic of Socioeconomic, Productive and Environmental Factors of the Vale do Mangaval Rural Settlement in Cáceres, Assessment on Learning and Inclusive Green Economy and Report on State, National and International Experiences on Green Buildings


- Uruguay: Green Economy Learning Assessment and Capacities Building Plan 


- Argentina: Green Economy Stocktaking, Assessment on Linkages Between the 2030 Agenda and Just Transition for Green Recovery, and Labor Diagnostics of Just Transition to a Green Economy 


- Indonesia: Green Economy Stocktaking Report



Building Individual Capacity

Building individual capacity is a key ingredient to fostering long-term commitments to Inclusive Green Economy. PAGE partner countries contributed to individual capacity with various trainings and workshops in 2020. 


- Mauritius: Three workshops to mainstream IGE into recurrent courses for civil servants and secondary school curricula 


- Burkina Faso: Green entrepreneurship training for business owners  


- South Africa: Virtual training workshop on "Climate Smart Agriculture and Trade Opportunities" 


- Kyrgyz Republic: 25 half-day online training sessions on green economic modeling for government 


- Guyana: Online training on green trade and industry


- India: Development of sustainability training modules and pilot program for National Academy of Indian Railways



Institutionalizing Capacity-Building

PAGE learning initiatives strengthen knowledge on green economy - for current and future leaders - to foster positive, long-term change.

Green Economy e-learning Course launched in FrenchUkrainian and Mongolian  


- Learning for Green Recovery Initiative launched with six self-paced courses 


- Inclusive Green Economy Modeling course materials pilot tested in Peru and made available to higher education institutions globally 


First PAGE Podcast released:The Green Renaissance 


Green Learning Network  launched 


- Green Industry Summer Course on Pathways towards Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development 



Fora for Green Economy 

Through national and global events, PAGE sparks global conversations on green economy to encourage knowldge-sharing, inspire informed debate and advance commitments to sustainability in international fora. 


- February:Third edition of the National Green Economy Days, Senegal    


- July:PAGE Side-Event at High Level Political Forum in New York, USA   


- August:  Latin America Green Awards , Ecuador


- October:Second edition "Uruguay Circular Towards a New Economy" awards, Uruguay and PAGE Program Closing Ceremony, Peru  


- December:   High-Level National Dialogue on Green Economy , Argentina and Webinar on Indicators for Green Economy Policymaking, South Africa


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Launched in 2013, the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) seeks to put sustainability at the heart of economic policies and practices to advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development . PAGE supports countries and regions in reframing economic policies and practices around sustainability to foster economic growth, create income and jobs, reduce poverty and inequality, and strengthen the ecological foundations of their economies.